it's not over!

hey guys - long time no see, ha!
life has happened and i had to set priorities.. nevertheless, it seems that things are back to normal soon and ill be back with regular posts! and honestly - i can't wait :) speak soon!

xoxo, saskia

Happy Easter

Hope all of you who celebrate Easter had a great Easter-weekend!
I certainly did and probably stay oversugared until Christmas ;)

xoxo, Saskia

Shabby Chic

We have recently moved into a new flat in a new city and therefore are still in the middle of making our new home a real home. I know that this process will take time and cannot happen over night, but I'm already so impatient to make my flat look (kind of) like the above picture! I'm totally into this "shabby chic" style and will try my best to get there step by step. Unless I get limited by my "other half" telling me to stop making the flat too girly ;)

Such pictures really inspire me and I'm always looking for new interior design- and funtiure blogs, so if you know any inspirational blogs concerning these topics - let me know!

xoxo, Saskia

The Pinterest Game

I just found this on my Facebook wall and felt like sharing it with you :)
Real life is sucking up all my time at the moment since I'm still getting adjusted to my new job (I'm a Flight Attendant!) and am in the middle of moving to Z├╝rich etc.
Just play the game and I'll be back with regular posts before you know it!

xoxo, Saskia

New In: Sheer Sequins

Another item I found on sale in Zara! I plan on doing more outfit photos with the pieces that are "new in", but since I'm in the middle of switching jobs I really couldn't find the right time to do it.
I am so excited about my new challenge and cannot wait to share the new experiences with you guys!
I'll make a separate post about my new job very soon - let's just say it will be.. up in the air... ;)

xoxo, Saskia